Play, discover & learn

The Playmat is an interactive playground. It’s the world’s first
flexible touchscreen mat, made for games, interactive
stories and educational use.


Foldable & sleek

Designed for everyday use

With a soft grip back and edges, the Playmat perfectly unfolds on a table or on the floor. The device is thin and lightweight, it is sleek and sturdy.

Ready when you are

With one touch the Playmat opens up new dimensions. With an easy to use interface it’s child’s play to discover and learn.

Unfold and play

Entertainment tailored for your children, family and friends. Learning Apps, games and more.

Built for the whole family

Foldable Display

It is the biggest, brightest and least reflective foldable Multi-Touch screen in the world.

Beautiful game changer

Interaction with your friends and family becomes a truly unique experience. Lose yourself in your favorite apps and games

Easy connectivity

Playmat can easily connect to Wi-Fi networks so you can play games, use your smartphone or tablet to add new apps instantly.

Easy configuration

Connect the Playmat to your wifi network and you are ready to go. Your smartphone or tablet gives you full control over Apps and settings. As the Playmat platform evolves and more functions are added, you will find them at the Playmat Store.

Packed with Apps, Games and More!

Preloaded with over 20 apps from popular games, entertainment,
ebooks and educational content.

Ready to play straight out of the box

The Playmat App shop has at least 50 apps specifically designed for the user friendly playground. Whatever your kids love to do, there’s an Playmat App to entertain them.


  • Get popular games like Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride and More!
  • Access to Walt Disney E-Books
  • Includes the Playmat App Store – a fully curated store of kid-friendly content

Stay up-to-date

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all the things you can do with them.