Set up your new Playmat

The first time you turn on your new Playmat, it’ll walk you through the steps to set it up. After setup, your Playmat will suggest some ways to use it.

Start your Playmat

Connect your phone or tablet

If you’re connected with your phone or tablet, turn on your Playmat and follow the on-screen connectivity steps. For best results, we recommend:

Use step-by-step tips

Find, open & close apps

You’ll find some apps on your Playmat Home screen, and all your apps in My Apps. You can open apps, switch between apps, and see apps on your phone or tablet with split screen on Playmat.

Note: Android isn’t the same on all devices. These instructions are for devices running Android 7.1 and up. Check which version of Android you have.

See apps on your mobile device and Playmat at the same time

  • Open the first app.
  • Touch and hold Overview.
  • You’ll see 2 screens. In the second screen, tap the second app.
  • To go back to seeing one app, touch & drag the bar between the apps to the top or bottom of your screen.

Get new apps

You can get more apps in the Playmat Store.

Quickly change common settings

Get to settings you use often — like brightness, Child lock mode, and battery — from anywhere on your device with Quick Settings.

Open Quick Settings

To see your short Quick Settings bar, swipe down once from the top of an unlocked screen.

To see your full Quick Settings panel:

  • If your Playmat is locked, swipe down once.
  • If your Playmat is unlocked, swipe down once with 2 fingers, or twice with one finger.
  • If your Quick Settings bar is open, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.

Device security

  • Screen lock
    Learn how to set a screen lock.
  • Playmat ID
    Use your fingerprint to unlock your device and authorize purchases. Learn how to set up fingerprints.
  • Smart Lock
    Set your device to automatically unlock in certain circumstances. Learn how to use Smart Lock.

Protect against harmful apps

Some apps can harm you or your Playmat. To avoid harmful apps, you can download from trusted sources, like the Playmat Store.

If you download apps from sources outside the Playmat Store, Verify Apps scans those apps for malware before and after you install them.

Note: Android or IOS isn’t the same on all devices. These instructions are for devices running Android 7.0  and IOS 9 and up.

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